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DJ Bio

DJ Lengsta
Reggae / Soul / everyting
Ever since i can remember, i've had a real love of music. Reggae is my first love, in all it's forms, from hardcore Bashment, right to the cool mellow sounds of Lovers Rock, not forgetting Soca, and all the whining that involves. I have Dabbled, with other genres, like House, and Garage music. So don't be surprised to hear some being played on my hot show on Sat evenings. If your up for a bit of a giggle and don't mind the yardie talk, pass through and gimme a shout. Bless...
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DJ Andy Gunn
Dance and Electronic
Have always loved all sorts of music ( apart from country and Justin Bieber ). Started DJing in Hong Kong many moons ago playing at some clubs, bars and beach parties but got back into it last Thursday. Will be playing some classics, bangers and new tracks to keep them toes tapping and butts shaking.
Andy Gunn
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DJ Gabbs
Soul / Reggae / House
A little bit about myself, from my teens I've always loved soul music and reggae while all my mates liked the Specials, Madness, Bad Manners and other foolish groups I was more Kool & the Gang, George Benson, Evelyn champagne King etc then the street sounds albums come out, then that was it, totally hooked, then came the rave scene and house became my thing. From then on I've gone onto funky house, soulful house and female vocal house which I love. I recently played in Antigua Caribbean which is my highlight to date and hope to continue playing out there every year, look forward to this year entertaining you people for Rhythm Radio and looking forward to some good times with my boys DJ DC and the one and only my guru me Rodger Johnson and a big thanks to Pat & Andy for setting up this project.
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DJ Sigher
Ive been collecting records for the best part of 30 years. A love affair I simply cant stop.
It seems to shape my everyday life.
Ive been producer for uk rap group THE GUTTER SNYPES and I now run my own record label called www.superdidscoedits.com since 2013. A label that specializes in vinyl only release, concentrating on un-issued studio sessions from old soul artist. I buy and sell rare soul records, and occasionally get to dj in such places as Sweden, Germany, and Italy.
You can catch me here:
Sigher Soundcloud
Super Disco Edits
Sigher Mixcloud
and if you're feeling really brave here's a Digging Video!
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Reggae Revival
From me eyes dem a me knee music was in me.
It came through the brest of motherhood, party animal my mother lol.
Dropping early riddim on the house blaupunkt was a daily occurrence keeping the home warm with music. Playing parties for the older generation gave me a love for revival which is unshakeable.
Through the years dance, party, radio station I've plied my trade now Rhythmradio.co.uk has taken up the reigns hold on to your hats we gone have we a jam session.
Positive Vibrations. One love
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DJ Slyde
Old Soul + Funk, DnB, House, Garage, Old Hardcore
I started DJ'ing 15 years ago but have always had a love for all sorts of music since a very early age.
I have played at numerous drum + bass events over the years and a few house nights more recently.
When it comes to radio I play anything from old soul + funk right up to more modern dance music such as house, garage, drum + bass and old skool hardcore/jungle.
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DJ Levi
Grime / House
I am The youngest up and coming DJ on rhythm radio.
Being brought up around music sparked my interest in dj'ing, and now I'm following in the footsteps of my dad... Lengsta.
I love all types of music especially Grime and House, so tune in every Sunday 3-4pm
I'll be playing those and others, for your enjoyment.
Levi the teenager


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